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Address: PO Box 30670 | Lansing, MI 48909. . Please find the resources below: Human Trafficking for Social Workers - 2-hour online course that reflects the updated requirements for . ACE provider approval period: 5/5/20 to 5/5/23. The requirements apply whether or not the social worker is actively engaged in the practice of social work; no one is exempt from this requirement. Cancellation Policy. The Continuing Education Collaborative was created to ensure the quality of all continuing education programs sponsored for Michigan's social workers and to conduct activities that will help them meet their defined education needs. Start your 4-hour course now. Human Trafficking: Identification and Assessment of Victims Essential. Please check your licensing board's requirements on whether any HHS-approved human trafficking course will meet . Human Trafficking Training R 338.2929. Find the most up-to-date continuing education requirements for your profession. At the conclusion of this continuing education activity, the participant will be able to: Define sex trafficking and forced labor trafficking; Describe the personal and environmental factors that predispose an individual to becoming a victim of human trafficking; Conduct an assessment of a suspected victim of human trafficking . Pay for the course : The cost for 1 Continuing Education Clock Hour in Human Trafficking is $20 and payment can be submitted via our online store before or after the successful completion of the post-test and evaluation. 2021 Responding to Human Trafficking in the Health Care Setting . Objectives (per Rule 338.1751a) (1) Scope and Magnitude of the Problem of Human Trafficking. The course provides an introduction to human trafficking for social . This represents a critical opportunity and responsibility for health professionals to intervene in victims' lives, setting them on a path toward health and healing. Found 38 items Doing the Right Thing: Essential Ethics in Practice, Revised 1st Edition Online Mandatory 3 27.00 Ethical Practices with Older Adults, Revised Updated 1st Edition Online Mandatory 3 4.6 585 Ratings 27.00 Human traff.. 1.0 contact hr. What Social Workers Need to Understand to Interact with Survivors. 2 hours. This will also serve to satisfy the specific nursing professional development requirements for this . New Applicants for licensure or registration are required to have completed 2 hours of implicit bias training within the 5 years immediately preceding issuance of . 2310 Jolly Oak Road Okemos, MI 48864 517-349-5640 888.MINURSE Fax: 517-349-5818. PMID: 30216256. The Michigan Board of Social Work accepts courses from any provider who is ASWB approved. Social Security Number (SSN) - An individual applying for licensure is required to provide his or her social . This course will provide an overview of human trafficking, including its US . Implicit Bias Training. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of EMS, Trauma, and Preparedness (BETP), makes available the following education modules to our EMS personnel: Note: These presentations are best viewed utilizing a laptop or desktop computer screen. Michigan Social Work Continuing Education. A CE credit for Social Workers is granted on a one credit per one contact hour basis; A CEU, grants one CEU for every ten contact hours. According to a study from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, health care workers account for approximately 50% of all victims of workplace violence. This training is separate from continuing education requirements. Michigan Social Work CE Requirements 23-Hour Package Package 23 54.00 More Options Browse individual courses. AIDS Therapy - Activities that address therapeutic, legal, social, . you must pass a post-test with a score of 80% or higher to receive a social work continuing education certificate. $40 Irene's Alumni and $60 General Public. PMID: 30149896. The course is open to all licensed social work practitioners. Pro tip: Every Michigan social work license expires in three years on April 30th. College of Health and Human Services. . Social Work CEU: 1 . The human trafficking training is a one-time training and is not part of the continuing education requirement but may be satisfied via a continuing education activity. The material includes tools for assessing adults and children and information on how to assist . $ 19.00. Phone: (517) 335-0918. * Courses with the * symbol in front of the Training Organization name are free and available to all practitioners online and on- . U.S. law defines human trafficking as the use of force, fraud, or coercion to compel a person into commercial sex acts or labor or services against their will. Online Info. Thursday, September 8 - 6:30pm-8:00pm. Michigan health professionals who must take Human Trafficking training pursuant to MCL 333.16148 for renewal or initial licensure. They are offered in a variety of formats, including online classes, webinars, correspondence courses, traditional classroom instruction, nursing conferences, and clinical workshops. On the Front Lines: Violence Against Nurses on the Rise. Mandatory Subjects: 5 hours of Ethics. Effective March 31, 2021, Administrative Rule 338.2961(4) requires at least 2 of the Rule 29. Continuing education courses for nurses . 1. The one exception involves minors and commercial sex. Our continuing education module has been put together by healthcare and legal professionals to ensure that it incorporates knowledge about clinical scenarios as well as the legal options and processes available to human trafficking victims. Accepted in all states except New York and New Jersey. Submit your proposal. The course price includes an enrollment verification letter and your certificate of completion. About the Course: Health care personnel in Michigan are on the front lines of the fight against human trafficking. Describe the legal, ethical, and other obstacles that arise in attempts to help human trafficking victims, and identify best practices, including trauma-informed care, harm reduction, and cultural considerations. Human Trafficking: Clinical Assessment Guideline. you have met the human trafficking requirements, requirements for first aid and CPR training and the continuing education requirements during the renewal period. Effective December 22, 2021, Administrative Rule 338.2929 requires a one-time training in human trafficking for initial licensure. Tuesday, July 26 - 6:30pm-8:00pm. The one-time training must also be completed for all renewals. The training standards for identifying Members: Get Involved! CE requirements for social workers in West Virginia. This course is approved by the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative Approval # 073020-00. . Beginning on December 22, 2021, all new applicants seeking licensure will need to have a human trafficking training complete by the time they apply for their license. Social Workers completing this course receive clinical social work continuing education credits. Leslie J. The Michigan Social Work Board requires 45 CE hours Michigan Social Work Continuing Education CEU Requirements 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours 7 hours 8 hours 9 hours 10 hours 12 hours 14 hours 15 hours 20 hours Michigan Social Worker CEU Course Reviews Special Requirements. Course Info. 517-487-1548 . The EMU School of Social Work's 2021-22 Child Welfare In-Service Training for Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and MDHHS-Contracted Private Agencies trainings are for child welfare caseworkers, principally Children's Protective Services, foster care, and adoption workers working for the Michigan Department of Health and Human . Date Available: NOW. Or if a course has been approved by these organizations and programs: . The remaining contact hours may be completed in any other approved format. Wednesday, June 22 - 6:30pm-8:00pm. (4) Causes and Indicators of Human Trafficking (particularly in Health Care field) (5) Potential Warning Signs for Human Trafficking. Continuing Education offered by the Department. Click here. General Social Work related SW CEU Courses for Social Work Professionals Hundreds of Social Work CEU Courses. One half of the required continuing education contact hours must be completed in-person using live, synchronous contact.

Socil Work Licensure: Hurnan Trafficking Requirerne t Under the new Michigan General Rules, licensed social workers (full and limited) will need to complete training in identifying victims of human trafficking. * Violence against health care workers has reached epidemic proportions. ACE approval. So, if you are used to thinking "Social Work CEU" just substitute "Social Work CE credit". Each social worker is required to complete 45 hours with at least five (5) of those hours in ethics and at least two (2) hour in pain and pain symptom management and 2 hours in Human Trafficking. Continuing education contact hours in pain and pain symptom management may include, but are not limited to courses in behavior management, psychology . Topics include adolescent-centered medical homes, adolescent sexual health, substance abuse, suicide, eating disorders, and school-based health centers. Demonstrates that continuing education meets rigorous standards for quality and relevance. Learn more. Call the school if you are unable to attend the class. Here's what that means for you! Written by CE Broker Support Team Updated over a week ago This training is in addition to any continuing education training required for your profession. Please use your computer, (not a phone), to pay. 4 hours. HUMAN TRAFFICKING TRAINING REQUIREMENTS FOR PAs . This effort includes . 741 North Cedar Street, Lansing, MI, 48906, United States. Human Trafficking requirement - Proof of completion of training to identify victims of human trafficking. The new rules conform to statutory requirements, alter social work continuing education and training requirements, expand continuing education opportunities, and clarify requirements for obtaining a master's social worker license with either a macro or clinical designation, amongst other changes. have a new . Course Type: Home Study. This course was developed to meet the Michigan human trafficking training requirements for healthcare professionals. Kalamazoo MI 49008-5243 USA. 115 Reviews. Visit the CE Courses section for courses meeting these requirements. 2017;130 (2):443-453. We make every effort to provide interpreters, pdf materials for 'print to speak' programs, and obstacle-free locations and spaces. (1) Pursuant to section 16148 of the code, MCL 333.16148, an individual seeking licensure or registration or who is licensed or registered shall complete training in identifying victims of human trafficking that meets the following standards: Healthcare . J Trauma Nurs. A minimum of 10 hours must be completed in-person with live, synchronous contact and a minimum of 1 hour in pain and symptom management. Spotlight. Tracy EE, Macias-Konstantopoulos W. Identifying and Assisting Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Patients Seeking Women's Health Care Services. The purpose of this course is to outline and review for nurses the evidence-based process for identifying and intervening in cases of human trafficking, as most healthcare providers are unfamiliar with how to care for or report trafficking victims (Greenbaum et al., 2017; Powell et al., 2017).

Human trafficking is an increasing problem in the United States and around the world. CE requirements for MI social workers (LMSW, LBSW): 45 hours of continuing education every 3 years, including 5 hours in ethics, 2 hours in pain and symptom management, and at least 1 hour in identifying victims of human trafficking One-half (22.5) of the required CE hours can be taken online Online Courses in Live Webinar, Video, Text, and Audio Formats. Updated 2/7/22. Human Trafficking and Child Welfare: A Guide for Caseworkers and Agencies, Course #3407, is approved by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program to be offered by Free State Social Work as an individual course.