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For this reason, it is extremely important to do a good badminton specific warm-up before we cross those white lines and start playing badminton! Therefore, by practicing badminton, you will develop your physical agility. This will see the participant developing resilience as well as endurance when playing. While the basics of badminton are relatively easy to learn, there are several variations of each skill that can take time to master. The shuttlecock, which is essentially the ball in badminton, is made from goose feathers and attached to a small piece of cork. It could be and knowing exemption because badminton is among the most demanding sports games. Spectating. 3. This gives you an instant energy boost, improves mental health, helps you to sleep better helps to maintain a healthy weight, protects against many diseases and health conditions. Playing badminton will help you decrease cholesterol in your body which will have a positive impact on your heart health. A major benefit of increased flexibility is a reduced risk of injury. There is a This is the same with our muscles. Fast Paced and Intense. Do you remember how people say, "Don't chew with your mouth full!" Clearing is the most defensive shot in badminton. Badminton also helps in burning calories and fat. No you cant. Well, the same goes for Badminton. Playing badminton is more fun, engaging and fulfilling more than playing computer games. 5. For example: poor eyesight, excess weight, spinal problems and unbalanced posture, muscle weakness and slow reflexes [ link ]. It may develop your overall health. Also, you can burn up to 400 calories while playing badminton. Badminton is a low-impact sport, 8. 4. Playing badminton benefits not only your body by keeping you fit and healthy, but it also reduces the risk of various life-threatening diseases, tones and strengthens your muscles and bones and helps improve flexibility and mobility. In order to play this form of badminton, certain equipment and facilities are needed. Yes , safety is important in playing badminton , because knowing how to play shots will reduce the likelihood of elbow , wrist , and shoulder injuries . The rackets for playing are light, weighing about 90 grams. The Top 5 Social Benefits of Playing Badminton 1. In fact, playing the sport has many health advantages added to the fun. To assess and evaluate the attitude of the player.

Better balance and flexibility - You need to go over the e. By playing badminton, you can form deep, lasting friendships with other players. The importance of badminton isnt limited to physical and psychological areas. Advantages of Badminton-1) Low Injury Rate. Badminton is an excellent all-around exercise that involves the whole body. Smash. Of course by playing badminton they will improve their conditioning a little bit, but this unit is more about participation, skill acquisition, strategy and cognitive retention. Regularly playing the sport has plenty of mental benefits too. The same rules of scoring apply for both singles and doubles: Each game is a race to 21 points. ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images. Playing on well maintained courts with good surfaces will reduce lower extremity injuries.

January 6, 2021 by ReadingJunction. Badminton is a non-contact sport, making it a lot safer than most contact sports. Faster than ping pong, faster than tennis, and faster than squash. If every time you will have the right stance while playing Badminton then you can easily minimize the movements required to hit the shuttle. Metabolism needs oxygen to perform, exception for anaerobic process. sports has always given priority from old ages and nowadays it has become more fascinating. How to Be a Good Badminton PlayerStrokes: The basic technique of badminton strokes includes Overheads forehand and backhand clear / smash / drop, drives, lifts, net shot.Steps/Footwork: Steps/Footwork is always comes together with stroke. Stamina: A badminton can last anything from 15 minutes to 1 hour plus and there can be more than one game within a day.More items Because the shuttlecock is light in weight. So far, I have seen four (4) kinds of surfaces in different badminton courts here in the Philippines, namely: (1) cement (hard court); (2) rubber mat-on-cement; (3) wooden planks flooring (wooden court surface); and (4) rubber mat-on-wood. The most interesting thing about playing badminton is that the more you play, the more, you feel challenged by your opponent. Disadvantages of playing badminton. 1. Deformation of the spine. Since one arm is more involved in badminton, the spine is affected by asymmetrical and skewed tension in one direction. This problem most often concerns professional athletes. Drop Shot. It provides an overall fitness to an individual; it helps in strengthening the muscles, and burning fat. 3. There are also a variety of small-sided games that you can play with your students. Playing the game of badminton will help you avoid the monotonous drudgery of the gym routine. A badminton match consists of three games, and the person or team who scores best out of these three games wins. The Ready Stance. Apart from the agility improvement that you will gain from playing badminton, another benefit is the balance and flexibility that 2. Playing badminton can be a really positive experience both physically and mentally. They provide us with 2. You have to win by at least 2 points unless the game reaches 29 and there is still not a winner. The high levels of cholesterol decrease the size of blood vessels which may lead to a heart attack or a stroke. It is expected that you will be friendly to and respectful of your opponent and gracious whether winning or losing. A point is scored each time there is a serve and the side that wins the rally scores the point. This makes it lightweight and flexible. Stephanie is an online write who has a special interest in health and fitness. It reduces stress. The biggest cost is usually the shuttles. Improves Your Reflexes. However, among them, Badminton is the second most played sport in India after cricket. The cardiopulmonary function is the ability of the human body to naturally produce sweat when needed. Unlike other sports, badminton is not emphasizing strength and physical confrontation, such as tennis. The Badminton court is 13.4m (44ft) long, and the fastest badminton strike has been struck at the speed of 426km/h (265mph), so the reflexes and explosive speed required are world-class. 4.

2. From health benefits to overall personal wellbeing, badminton is a sport that can be enjoyed by all, no matter their age, health, or frame of mind. Badminton isnt the cheapest sport but it doesnt really break the bank either. Badminton is a sport that requires the use of muscle groups that your everyday exercise regimen may not touch on. Badminton shuttlecock as a game is relatively simple doesnt require a costly apparatus or an intricate court and can be essentially played without diving into much insights regarding the guidelines of the game.. Benefits of playing badminton. Sweat excretion helps remove unwanted toxins from the body. It also helps with the development of the calcium matrix, which improves overall physical health. As a result, it is easily blown away by the wind. Here are the benefits of badminton (select a benefit to jump down to it): Badminton is fairly easy to learn. Facebook; Twitter; Lower body strength and endurance are important to the badminton player. It allows you to reach your opponents shots before it hits the ground. Relief from the general chaos of life: At all levels, Badminton is a great way to take time out from a busy lifestyle. Each time a team wins a rally, they earn one point. Whereas for children and young adults, chasing the shuttlecock and moving around the court at a fast pace can aid in developing bone mass and density. 2. Sports keep our all organs alert and our hearts become stronger by regularly playing some kind of sports. Badminton is played outside purely for leisure and fun. Badminton Scoring System 21 Points. This game helps in reducing stress and anxiety, and it enhances your reflexes. If you go to your local sports center, youll find that most of them have facilities for playing badminton. Playing badminton frequently can help to increase your level of physical fitness: playing the game improves coordination, flexibility and balance because of the agility that's required to aim correctly and move to hit the birdie when it comes to your side of the court. Kids need to be motivated to strategize, outsmart, and lastly, defeat their opponent. It helps to kick away depression, anxiety and stress while keeping you in a good mood, strong and motivated. The badminton player should stretch before each activity (training and competition), plus other stretches, such as pnf and active stretches, to increase the flexibility of specific muscle groups. 3. Stroking before playing badminton games is essential to help you achieve your best form. Exchange a few badminton clears (forehand and backhand) Spend 5-10 minutes stroking and youll be playing at your peak performance. Take notice of the exercises the players do before getting onto a badminton game. There are a number of different ways to grip your badminton racquet whilst playing, and by using a variation of badminton grips, youll find your play improving. As a badminton player, the number of calories you eat is important. A team scores anytime the opposite team has a fault, regardless of who serves. The 10 fundamental skills of badminton are the basic skills that every player should know. When done Importance of playing badminton. Psychological benefits: Because badminton promotes physical fitness, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It reduces the production of sugar in the liver, which in turn reduces the bodys fasting blood sugar. Health Benefits. I always love when these two Game of Thrones characters converse, because you can see the mental jousting at play a battle of two devious minds perpetually trying to outsmart the other. This is an essential part of the practice today. Tactical and strategic thinking. In this article, we have published an Essay on My Favourite Game Badminton for students and children in 1000 words. Many people think badminton is an easy sport to play with the kids in the backyard. If you can hit a good forehand stroke, you will be able to do a badminton clear, drop, and smash. The Importance of Footwork in Badminton (Balance, Timing,) Good footwork is fundamental to playing badminton well. 3. Decreases the levels of stress and anxiety. The split step or the ready stance. Its a really good way of encouraging the player to use and then change stances as you would in a match, was the reply. Badminton is a very easy sport to start, and thats one of the main reasons why I love badminton. Holding the racket correctly is one of the most important skills in badminton. Serve. In fact, its even faster than golf (the ball speed, not just the gameplay!). They probably have nets, posts, some racquets and shuttles, space, court markers, and proper matting in an indoor setting where badminton matches happen. Messy footwork results in plenty of wasted energy as your movement simply feels wrong. 6. Badminton Clear.

These are the added advantages of playing badminton. Badminton doesnt have an age limit, and people that can stand and hold a racket can play it. Reaction & reflexes are extremely important in badminton, especially if you want to improve and get better at the game. As a result, children can also use this skill in their daily lives. When you join a club the cost of the shuttles may be included and so you may not even notice your wallet get lighter. 6. At a high level, its, arguably, believe that footwork contributes to more than 50% of the success on the pitch. This is through all the running that takes place in the court. By playing badminton, you are able to improve your physical fitness. Competitive Badminton is purely an indoor sport. Mental health and well-being. This list is just the basics and doesnt cover any advanced skills and tactics. Why is play badminton important? Key Skills Every Beginner Must Know & Practice in Badminton. Playing badminton is not only limited to physical benefits but mental as well. Footwork. At the same time, badminton is a beginner-friendly sport that anyone can start without much hesitation. Lets understand the significant benefits of badminton and why it should become a part of your life. Club and community life. 6. Endurance Endurance is a very important component of fitness for badminton. Proper jumping and landing techniques is important to prevent knee injuries . It Helps in Improving Strategic Thinking. 5. It keeps the weight in check and prevents obesity. More reach leads to better balance and flexibility. You can lose weight by playing badminton. Exercise increases endorphins, which are the brains feel-good neurotransmitters, and has also been found to improve mood and sleep. Badminton has always been an inclusive sport. The basic shots. Julien Fuchs, Regional Training System Manager for the Grand Est region (France), tells us more about the benefits of badminton for your: Physique and muscles. Now take a longer one and do the same thing. 9. Full Body Workout: Playing badminton is like having a full-body workout. Having seen the benefits that come along with choosing badminton as a sport to engage in, we also have to respect the As a result of metabolism is energy which function is to moving any part of body either in terms of the brain, muscles, etc. If you know how to move, you get to the shuttle faster. If these sports equipment are not maintained the players are bound to injure themselves. 500+ Words Essay on Badminton. Simple badminton rules include a scoring system where you play until you score 21 points. Naturally, playing such a sport trains your reflexes better than most things you could do. In addition, here are some specific courtesies expected from those who play badminton: 1. 4. Take a small elastic band and stretch it until it snaps. Maintaining your heart rate at about 80% of your maximum HR is ideal for burning fat and aiding weight loss. Importance of playing badminton. So, its so beneficial. If you are at the front position , do not turn back to see your partners movement . It includes my story, playing, history, and its importance in Olympic. Therefore it is an indoor sport. Badminton Helps Build Your Social Network Social networks are an important part of our lives. Badmintons popularity has grown in recent years. There is ample running, 2. It boosts up your core muscles, calves, quads and hamstrings. Play on different levels . It also allows both of us to influence the practice. By playing badminton, we can help improve our metabolism good. There are a variety of games played in India. 1.To evaluate the player€™s strengths and weaknesses and help fine tune them. There are some things you can do, though, to improve your reactions to a higher level.

2 Why block feed to start? Includes badminton stretches for the wrists, forearms, shoulders and calves. That, consequently makes you much lighter and happier after each match. Honda Center (California, US) Formerly known as the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, Honda Center houses one of the oldest badminton courts in the US. Badminton rackets are much lighter than most other sports rackets because they are made from materials such as carbon fiber or lighter metals such as aluminum. 1. The Importance of Badminton in India. Badminton players cover a lot of ground during a match with little rest. "(Physical Exercise for Brain Health) Posture is so important it will make you look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter. It Helps in Improving Strategic Thinking. It is relatively safe. Also, every school gymnasium, multi-sport hall, or backyard will be great for badminton. It was built in 1993 at an eye-watering cost of $123 million. The Entry Level Is Low. Playing the game frequently, makes you want to perfect your skills and become a great player. Increases bone density: Playing Badminton improves bone density, thereby reducing the risk of fractures. It has great importance in each stage of life. 2. Students do not have to be in great shape to play. 2. With the majority of the racquet sports, when playing badminton, players need to have a well-defined game strategy. A badminton smash is a powerful manoeuvre thats played from your rare court down in towards your opponents midcourt. Badminton is good for your heart. Badminton increases your bone density during youth and if you continue to do it may help during your adulthood. This is because it is a form of exercise that involves running and diving to get and hit the ball. Smash. There are mostly parts of the class I enjoyed. It is interesting that there is a legislative side to badminton that can be used to promote badminton. This is a forehand swing motion. Badminton Reflection Essay. Badminton Scoring is based on the 21 points system or known as the new rules to most people. Any part of your feet should not be on top of those lines. Speed. et the most out of your workout.

Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world. Playing badminton improves the flexibility and the muscle strength of the participant. Rhythm and timing. Badminton burns more energy than you might expect, and undereating can take a toll on your game. Badminton makes you stronger.

Badminton requires you to be able to move around the court quickly so agility is key, but dont worry if you are not the most agile because playing regularly will help you to improve in this area. Perception and anticipation. The game of badminton emphasizes good sportsmanship, expressed through certain playing courtesies. This makes badminton not only exciting to play, but also incredibly exciting to watch. It can improve lung health. Badminton gives you the complete body workout, as players need to use all their Badminton: good for your mental well-being. Playing Badminton Can Strengthen Mental Health. Badminton is one of the most followed and fast sports which demands utmost fitness. Badminton Clear/Lob and Playing badminton can be an effortless and fun way of losing or shading off some weight.

The basic skills of badminton are gripping the racket correctly, serving and the overhead throwing motion. Three games constitute a match. The Importance Of Mental Jousting. The biggest gift you can give to your heart is physical activity. Elegant. Its a fault. There are many reasons why one should pick up the sport of badminton for themselves. It can improve your agility. Badminton can reduce the risks of developing type two diabetes as an adult. Not only have I learned to play badminton, I have also learned to enjoy badminton. Its important to note that you do not need to purchase these. 15 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play Badminton (Benefits) 1. This is through all the running that takes place in the court.

As we all know, Badminton is not a recreational sport to be played on the streets or in an open environment. Badminton is a sport like no other it is very demanding on our bodies! A safe and low impact game. If the physical benefits are not enough to convince you, playing badminton is also a way to stave off depression and dementia. Forehand Stroke. Badminton Teaches You How To Build Rapport With Others In a competitive world, building rapport is important to make 3.